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updated October 14, 2012

As you can read in the articles published on my website and on my ghostNASA blog I've lots of new and useful ideas (mainly about Space and Energy) that often I've proposed months or years before big space agencies and aerospace companies, then, I've decided to start a true NewSpaceAgency to actually design, develop and build some of my ideas with international funds, engineers and customers.

Unfortunately, start a company needs large amounts of funds (that's why only a few billionaires, like Paul Allen, Robert Bigelow, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, have enough money to start-up a space company) then since I haven't (nor I can easily find) hundreds million$ to build rockets like the SpaceX Falcon, I've decided to start a smaller company to design "new things" for space developed from my original ideas, then, patent them and sell their licenses worldwide to all the space agencies and aerospace companies that want to actually build real devices and vehicles.

Reach this more limited (design and patent only) goal needs less money (in the million$ range) than also build the new devices, and, to find the funds to start my company (that may become "the Apple of the companies") I've decided to search some supporters for my project.

Very Important: I'm truly aware that my proposal (and this site) may look like a further "scam site" (like many others on the web) just made to raise funds without any real intention to start up a true space company, but, unfortunately, I haven't another way to convince the (potential) supporters that my effort is TRUE and REAL, since I can't reveal my projects because they need to be patented before and (also) because I did not want to fill my NewSpaceAgency website with lots of "Photoshop-only projects" as you can see on dozens sites!

for any further information please send me a mail



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